Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Links to GS related websites and general motorcycling.

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My How To Write Ups This is a link to my GS500 build but it has links to my how to write ups.

GS Twins Home Page

GS Twin Wiki

Suzuki GS Series Wiki

GS Resources This is a forum dedicated to the early Suzuki GS motorcycles,but all are welcome.

GS500.info This is a site that has some good info on GS500 mods.It's in French or Dutch I believe.Google translate it.

JohNLA'S GS500 Page Good page for how to's on the GS500.

Pablo's GS500 Page Good page for GS how to upgrades.

Kerry Burton's GS500 Page Great page for maintenance and touring tips.

UK GS500 Forum Forum for GS500 riders in and around Europe and UK.

Starwalt's Varied Interest Page Various interest of Starwalt's including some interesting GS500 stuff.

KatRiders Forum If you own or have modified a bike with Suzuki Katana parts,you need to be on this forum.Invaluable info.

Twisted Throttle Motorcycle Accessories Bolt on accessories for all motorcycles, but the one few sellers for GS500 engine guards, AKA crash bars.Also some luggage mounts.

Acewell Gauges

Trail Tech Accessories Maker of Vapor gauges.

Cycle Tips Repair and riding write ups.

Micro Squirt EFI Invaluable info for fuel injecting any carb'd motorcycle.

Guide To Changing Tires This guide shows you how to change tires with simple and cheap tools.Works on almost all motorcycles.

Tools And Contrivances Cheap and easy to make tools and upgrades to motorcycles.

AdvRider Get out and explore the world.Adventure rider forum is great for people traveling on or off road with their motorcycles.

Do The Ton Forum dedicated to motorcycles of all kinds built by their owners.

DIY Motorcycle Seat With the guide on this site you can modify or build a more comfortable stylish seat for your bike.Way cheaper and easier than sending it out to a pro.

Battery Stuff I rave about this place.Their Scorpion batteries are the best.They have quality battery stuff at good prices and stand behind their warranties.

Idaho Bedroll is also known as Spud II.It's a small towable expanding tear drop trailer for motorcycles.Plans are currently up for sale. Contact info is on the website.

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