Thursday, August 22, 2013

Harbor Freight ATV Motorcycle Lift Jack

I recently received an email flyer from Harbor Freight.I usually don't buy much from them,especially something that could be potentially holding a $30,000+ motorcycles.I am slowly building up my tools with hopes of turning Manic Motorcycles into a repair and restoration shop.Now back to the flyer.The coupon was to get there ATV motorcycle lift jack for $69.99 which goes on sale frequently for $99.99, and I believe usually sales for $119.99.It's a solid built lift jack.It weighs roughly 75lbs or so.It assembles fairly easily.It took me 15 minutes to assemble the lift jack including the few minutes it took to get the pics I'm posting.


Here it is all boxed up and new.

Open the box admire and unbox.

First thing to do is install the actual jack in the frame.Lift the frame and slide the jack in pin first.Then tighten the bolts down.Not to tight.The fasteners aren't the best quality.

Now the foot pedal can be slipped in and bolted down.Just a little snug on the bolt.

Next,locate the mounting holes for the safety stop release bar and install it.

Now the pin for the handle can be removed and the handle installed.Orientation is up to you.Just make sure the pin points away from the jacking pedal.

Now step back and admire your work.

My lift jack was missing it's jack pin capture screw.I will dig one out of my jar o bolts.No biggie.Maybe 25 cent at the local hardware store if need be.