Sunday, July 12, 2015

Honda CB500X Rear Brake Pedal/Lever and Brake Light Switch Adjustment

If you need to adjust your brake lever position,your brake light switch will need to be adjusted as well.It's easy as taking candy from a sleeping baby.

The tools.

10 and 12 mm wrenches and a good finger.

Locate the rear master cylinder rod and it's adjustment nuts.The lower, and bigger,12mm nut is the jam/locking nut.The upper,and smaller,10mm nut is the adjustment nut.A little bit of adjustment goes a long way, due to the length of the pedal lever away from the pivot point.Turning the nut to the right,lowers the brake pedal,and left raises it.Loosen the lower nut and adjust the upper nut until your pedal is where you like it.Tighten the lower nut while holding the upper nut.

Now the brake light switch needs to be adjusted.I have a lot of experience setting up my bikes, so I rely on experience to set my movement limit before the light switch turns on the brake light.

First thing to do is turn on the ignition switch,but do not start the engine.I use my hand behind the light to see the brake light easier.Push down on the brake pedal, and see how far it goes before the brake light comes on.I set mine at about 8mm of down travel before the brake light is turned on.

Locate the plastic adjustment nut.It's hard to see in my pic,but its there at the bottom of the threaded part.

Use a finger to adjust the nut until the light comes on in the position you like.

The reason I set my switch to come on soon after I press the lever,is for safety.I have almost been rear ended, because I down shifted, and used engine compression braking instead of the actual brakes.So now,I set my brake switch to come on with light pressure on the pedal before the rear brakes engage.This way I can manually activate the brake light without dragging the rear brake,and cause heat damage.Now,anytime I slow down,I lay my toe on the rear brake pedal to let everyone behind me know I am slowing down.

Honda CB500X First 600 mile/1000km Service.

Please understand that you can do your own first service.Just be sure to document everything really well.All that's needed on the 2014+ Honda CB500X,is an oil change and a check over for loose nut's/bolts,chain,and a general inspection that ever rider should do before setting out on a ride.

Please note that the 2013 Honda CB500X had some new to the market new bike issues.Some were even recalled.Please contact your dealer or Honda about these recalls.The 2013 CB500X required a lot more maintenance than 2014+ models,during their first service.Honda made sure that everything was corrected for 2014+.NO 2014+ Honda CB500X is required to have a vavle lash adjustment at 600miles/1000km.

My service was done at 612 miles.I have just over 5000 miles and I've had no issues with my motorcycle at all.

Here is my oil change kit.just in case you can't see the pics,Valvoline 10W-40 4T fully synthetic oil and a K&N 303 oil filter.This filter is a little longer than the Honda original.I assure you,this is not a problem.

The break in oil didn't look bad at all.Oil changes are done on the side stand.If the bike is straight up,oil will cover the exhaust during the filter change.

Proof the oil filter fits like it was made for this bike.Oh,and I can use an adjustable wrench to get it off,instead of fight a strap wrench.The lower cowl did not need to be removed for the oil change.I did it as a precaution.Now that I know I can leave it in place,oil changes take 10 minutes.

Oil change intervals are 8000 miles on the Honda CB500X,regardless of synthetic or conventional oils being used.

Honda CB500X Options Plugs (OP Plugs) Explained

People refer to the options plugs as OP plugs.Honda cleverly hid the connectors to the options plugs, on the options plugs themselves.Is pretty simple to separate them and add the proper MT .090 terminals and seals to the plugs.Let me explain the options plugs in my video.Later,I will show how to connect to them, when I do a write up on installing a fuse block on my CB500X.

Honda CB500X, Add On Charging Station AKA Power Port or Powerlet.

I added a charging station to my CB500X to run my GPS and charge my phone.I won't go into this as it is quite involved.I will say that I relied heavily on my factory CB500X service manual to remove the side panels and middle cowl without breaking any of the tabs.I simply ran my wires down inside the right side of the frame, with the other wiring, back to the battery.I used black zip ties to loosely secure the wiring to the other wiring harness.I connected my charging station directly to the battery.Be aware that anything left plugged into the charging station,will slowly discharge the battery.I have a fuse block that I am planning to wire in, and it will be switched, on and off, with the motorcycle.My charging station will then be connected to the fuse block and prevent me from killing my battery.Stay tuned for that write up, and how to use the Honda options plugs, AKA OP plugs.

CB500X First Mods,Adjustable Levers Install.

My first modification was new full length adjustable levers.The stock clutch lever is quite a stretch,even for the biggest hands.It's the first complaint I heard before I bought mine,so I knew it wasn't just me.My bike came with the white and red color scheme,so why break from that.I bought red CNC adjustable levers, from China, on ebay.The seller goes by satoracing.I had my levers in hand,in just under two weeks.

The install was pretty easy,but here's a quick overview for those that may be intimidated by this.

The tools

Small channel locks-I don't think I used them except to loose the cable lock nut at the lever.
Flat end screw driver-with tape to protects the screw heads.
10,12,14 mm box end wrenches
Blue loctite and molygrease not pictured.

The levers.

I started with the difficult side first,the clutch.Loose the cable lock nuts and turn the adjusters all the way in.

Remove the lever screw and lock nut.Then pull the clutch cable out of the lever by positioning the lever adjuster slot forward.

Be sure to add a little grease to the lever pivot hole and to the bolt.A drop of loctite on the nut to ensure it stays put.Then reinstall in the reverse order it came off.Play in the lever should be about the thickness of a coin,or 2 to 4 mm.recheck the cable slack,and adjust after a couple rides.

Here's the technique for the throttle side.Remove the lock nut and bolt.This may require that the controls be loosened and rotated backwards.Please refer to a Honda CB500X service manual for this.Mine didn't require it.The lever should slide right out.Assemble in the reverse order.Don't forget to grease the pivot hole and bolt.Also add a drop of loctite to the nut.No play adjustment here.

Job well done.Step back and enjoy your handy work.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Honda CB500X, A New Addition to My Motorcycle Family.

I call her 8 of 8.My local dealer made me a deal on my 2014 Honda CB500X.Then I qualified for Honda financing at 3.99%.My payments and insurance is so ridiculously low,that I couldn't pass it up.I had been wanting a small adventure bike for the gavel roads I frequently need to travel.So I brought her home with me March 6 2015.

Don't worry tho.I haven't turned my back on the six GS500's I have, or my V Star Classic.If this heat ever breaks,I will be doing some major upgrades on the Honda CB500X and my Yamaha V Star Classic.

But we all know you didn't stop by for chit chat.So here's the pics.