Sunday, July 12, 2015

CB500X First Mods,Adjustable Levers Install.

My first modification was new full length adjustable levers.The stock clutch lever is quite a stretch,even for the biggest hands.It's the first complaint I heard before I bought mine,so I knew it wasn't just me.My bike came with the white and red color scheme,so why break from that.I bought red CNC adjustable levers, from China, on ebay.The seller goes by satoracing.I had my levers in hand,in just under two weeks.

The install was pretty easy,but here's a quick overview for those that may be intimidated by this.

The tools

Small channel locks-I don't think I used them except to loose the cable lock nut at the lever.
Flat end screw driver-with tape to protects the screw heads.
10,12,14 mm box end wrenches
Blue loctite and molygrease not pictured.

The levers.

I started with the difficult side first,the clutch.Loose the cable lock nuts and turn the adjusters all the way in.

Remove the lever screw and lock nut.Then pull the clutch cable out of the lever by positioning the lever adjuster slot forward.

Be sure to add a little grease to the lever pivot hole and to the bolt.A drop of loctite on the nut to ensure it stays put.Then reinstall in the reverse order it came off.Play in the lever should be about the thickness of a coin,or 2 to 4 mm.recheck the cable slack,and adjust after a couple rides.

Here's the technique for the throttle side.Remove the lock nut and bolt.This may require that the controls be loosened and rotated backwards.Please refer to a Honda CB500X service manual for this.Mine didn't require it.The lever should slide right out.Assemble in the reverse order.Don't forget to grease the pivot hole and bolt.Also add a drop of loctite to the nut.No play adjustment here.

Job well done.Step back and enjoy your handy work.

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