Sunday, July 12, 2015

Honda CB500X, Add On Charging Station AKA Power Port or Powerlet.

I added a charging station to my CB500X to run my GPS and charge my phone.I won't go into this as it is quite involved.I will say that I relied heavily on my factory CB500X service manual to remove the side panels and middle cowl without breaking any of the tabs.I simply ran my wires down inside the right side of the frame, with the other wiring, back to the battery.I used black zip ties to loosely secure the wiring to the other wiring harness.I connected my charging station directly to the battery.Be aware that anything left plugged into the charging station,will slowly discharge the battery.I have a fuse block that I am planning to wire in, and it will be switched, on and off, with the motorcycle.My charging station will then be connected to the fuse block and prevent me from killing my battery.Stay tuned for that write up, and how to use the Honda options plugs, AKA OP plugs.

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